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Pho with rice field view

image Enjoy pho and vietnamese coffee in one warm afternoon in a small, simple, and cozy waroong with nice breeze of rice paddy fields around. Yumm!
Filled your stomach and your eyes as well.

Other vietnamese foods also available served by its origin nice vietnamese lady.
The price is alright but for a small waroong do not expect you will pay cheap price.

Thanks Windy for the idea, I had a nice one lunch break here. Too bad we have no time to have lunch here together

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June 30, 2014 · 22:23

Pondok Piyata, Balian beach. What I call a PERFECT of everything

A bungalouw which I call PERFECT hideaway. Why perfect?
Its right on the beach of Balian with of course beautiful sea view and you can feel the sea breaze.
It has beatifully unique antique houses to be the bungalow.
The restaurant is laid back and serve superb foods. Try their yummy quesadilla, delicious burito, pizza also worth to try.
In front of surfing point with fun waves for intermediate or advance surfer.
Good value of money.

Room from Rp 800k include breakfast for two person. Big bungalow can occupied bigger group of 8. Trust me it worth it

+62 81999849054

sea view from restaurant

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Only Bali who can stop Airport without any riot

Hindu in Bali celebrate new year ‘tahun baru Saka’ with a day with silence. A Silent day (Nyepi in Bahasa) is a day from 6am to 6am the next day with no lights/fire, no work/activity, no sound, and no leisure.
Read more on Nyepi:

A very interesting ceremonies will be held before. Purifying the soul by cleaning in nearest beach/river/spring (called Melasti), Devil fights the goods amazing statues (called Ogoh-ogoh) parade with dancing, traditional music gamelan played, laser and fire.

Airport will shut. And people are not allowed to get out and have to follow all no’s including tourist, except for emergency of course. And this year 2012 it will be on Friday which moslem have to pray in mosque, it will be exception also with conditions applied. It will showed the co-operation between religions in Indonesia.

balinese silence day ritual of purifying by the water

balinese silence day ritual of purifying by the water

ogoh-ogoh parade a day before silence day

ogoh-ogoh parade a day before silence day

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