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Only Bali who can stop Airport without any riot

Hindu in Bali celebrate new year ‘tahun baru Saka’ with a day with silence. A Silent day (Nyepi in Bahasa) is a day from 6am to 6am the next day with no lights/fire, no work/activity, no sound, and no leisure.
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A very interesting ceremonies will be held before. Purifying the soul by cleaning in nearest beach/river/spring (called Melasti), Devil fights the goods amazing statues (called Ogoh-ogoh) parade with dancing, traditional music gamelan played, laser and fire.

Airport will shut. And people are not allowed to get out and have to follow all no’s including tourist, except for emergency of course. And this year 2012 it will be on Friday which moslem have to pray in mosque, it will be exception also with conditions applied. It will showed the co-operation between religions in Indonesia.

balinese silence day ritual of purifying by the water

balinese silence day ritual of purifying by the water

ogoh-ogoh parade a day before silence day

ogoh-ogoh parade a day before silence day

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Indonesian traditions from east to west in a theater performance

Devdan show.
An indoor show about Indonesian Cultures from all over the Island packed in 1.5hours of dancing, story telling, beautiful acrobatic action, with good sound system, laser show, and a little bit of fire and water involved.

Interesting but if its open air show will be more existing. And if you have saw Moulin Rouge in France or amphitheater in Senchen China, this one is less colossal.

Show Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 19:00.
Ticket depends on the class seat from $55-120, special price for Indonesian (bring ID)

picture taken from
Bali Nusa Dua Theatre (Ex. Amphitheatre Nusa Dua, near by Sogo Bali Collection)
Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua, Komplek BTDC, Nusa Dua 80363
t : +62 361 770 197

“as the result of getting bored to sit on the couch during rainy days, an indoor activities idea

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Uluwatu beach, Uluwatu temple, Kecak Fire dance

– Hit the BEACH first in the afternoon. A surfer paradise, like a surfer village with lots of warung and ‘cek ombak’ (wave check) spot. Go down on the step stairs and you will find a white sandy beach trapped by the rocks, feels like Leonardo De Caprio on The Beach movie 🙂

– When you tanned enough go visit ULUWATU TEMPLE. Pay respect by wearing something decent or borrow a saroong on the entrance. Hold on tight for your things, the monkey is very often took it from visitors (glasses, camera, hp, bright colored things). Serious, no joke about it.

– Then right before sunset 18.00, pay Rp. 70k entrance fee for FIRE (monkey) KECAK DANCE. Surprisingly unique dance, fire, open aired teather with view of the temple and sunset by the cliff went down the sea.  Info 0361 709976 / 08123990063

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