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Ayana Hotel, Aquatonic spa, Rock bar, Tegal Wangi Temple Beach

– Luxury Ayana Hotel to sleep in

– Aquatonic spa. Around Rp.350k. Massage by different water preassure which gives different effect to release your muscles tension and can make a better blood circulation. Huge warm and cool watered pool with sunset view on the hill. Relaxing your mind, body and eyes.

Rock bar

“Dedicated to L’Oreal Indonesia divisions management committee during ‘my time’ ”

– Hang out at the Rock bar. Bar built on the rock, open aired under the stars, and sounds of the real wave underneath. You have to ride an outdoorlift  to get here. A little fear factor. Find yourself a sofa bed

Phone 0361 702222

– Just simply deep in or lay low at tegal wangi temple beach and sipping a young coconut on a budget waroong on cliff with 5 stars view. A white sandy beach with turqoua blueish water surrounds by big cliff.
Go thru Ayana hotel, there is a step down to the beach.
Or if you don’t want to go into Ayana, from Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera when you see Ayana hotel gate turn right until you find Tegal Wangi Temple. Find the step down to the beach

coconut at tegal wangi beach


Sunset view of Uluwatu coast


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Seafood dinner on Jimbaran beach

You will sit right on the sand with candle light, romantic. With the view of plane landing, looks like they land on the water. But the most important is fresh and tasty seafoods.

Turn on small road next to Intercontinental Hotel. There are view choice:

– Teba restaurant 0361 708676 / 08123807922

– Bakti Cafe Mekar sari. Packages (foods+drinks+fruits) Rp.50k-220k available

– My favorite is Manega Café. 0361 705888 / 08123933539


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Uluwatu beach, Uluwatu temple, Kecak Fire dance

– Hit the BEACH first in the afternoon. A surfer paradise, like a surfer village with lots of warung and ‘cek ombak’ (wave check) spot. Go down on the step stairs and you will find a white sandy beach trapped by the rocks, feels like Leonardo De Caprio on The Beach movie 🙂

– When you tanned enough go visit ULUWATU TEMPLE. Pay respect by wearing something decent or borrow a saroong on the entrance. Hold on tight for your things, the monkey is very often took it from visitors (glasses, camera, hp, bright colored things). Serious, no joke about it.

– Then right before sunset 18.00, pay Rp. 70k entrance fee for FIRE (monkey) KECAK DANCE. Surprisingly unique dance, fire, open aired teather with view of the temple and sunset by the cliff went down the sea.  Info 0361 709976 / 08123990063

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Balangan beach

Next to Dreamland beach, but waaayyyyy better. In term of crowd and price 🙂

Worse entrance than Dreamland (steeped steps) inside Pecatu Complex. Go to narrow alley by prada condo area

White sandy beach with some warungs, benches, and amazing sunset.

“Dedicated to Indri Prastanti”

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Dreamland Beach & Klapa Club

Loved by Jakarta visitors and surfers

The enterance is inside Pecatu Complex in Bukit area near GWK park

Becoming a new Kuta beach which packed with people. White sandy beach with strong wave for surfer.

Becareful if you bring an infant.

There is a fancy Klapa Club overview cliff and sea.  Nice view but overprice and so-so quality of food

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GWk statue and cropped hills

Part of massive statue on going project and cropped hills on Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park
Kecak dance every sundown and restaurants available

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Sukawati sudah ga happening lagi. Jauh, pake nawar, harus cari-cari barang yang dimau. Sekarang ada yang lebih ringkes, cepat dan near you.

Pusat oleh-oleh, seperti supermarket besar, fixed price ga usah nawar. Ada makanan, baju, pernak pernik dll. Banyak di sekitar:

– sunset road: Krisna/Kampung Nusantara dll. Rata-rata tutupnya jam 11malam.

– tuban (10menit dari airport dan dekat nasi pedes ibu Andika): Krisna jl raya tuban

– denpasar: Erlangga, Krisna. Jl Nusa kambangan

Art Market, pakai usaha nawar:

– Kuta (dekat Kuta Square)

– Jl.Melasti, Legian

Geneva, untuk pernak penik rumah unik.

One stop shopping for handicraft
whole sale and retail.
Mulai dari accessories lucu, lampu unik, bantal etnik dll. Ada 4 lantai.
Jl. Kerobokan no.100 Ph.0361-733582 / 71


– Body and Soul FO, dekat perempatan Seminyak dan Jl.66

Billabong FO :), Jl.By Pass 15 menit dari kuta, sebrang Planet Hollywood. Branded dengan harga miring. T-shirt, bikini, boardshort (celana pendek untuk renang)

– sekitar Jl.66, untuk baju-baju etnik yang tidak pasaran


– Lapis legit Harum Cake & Cookies, Perumahan Taman Griya, Jimbaran. Telp 0361 777979, 08123812138. Minimun order 4 loyang bisa diantar ke daerah-daerah tertentu/ke airport (bisa langsung request di kardusin untuk langsung masuk ke bagasi pesawat). Lapis legit kejunya eeuuunnnaaakkk banget, yumm! Rp.100k-120k per loyang bundar.

– Pie Susu Bali Asli, Jl. Nangka Gg Nuri 1 no. 14 Denpasar, Telp 081337557888, 0361 784 2073, 0361 263138. Rp 1.500/pcs tahan sampai 1 minggu. Bisa diantar untuk pembelian diatas 50 pcs

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