budget Hotels kuta

Tune hotel, kuta walking distance to kuta beach, seminyak square shopping area and kuta art market. IDR 60-250k http://www.tunehotels.com

A lot of cheap/budget hotels in Popies1/Popies2 alley.
One of the is Palm Beach Inn Rp 150k Popies2.
Info from @InfoBALI_
– Sayang Maha Mertha : Fan Single $8 Double $10, a/c Single $25 Double $30. Jl Melasti /Lebak Bene 751249
-Lima Satu Cottages : Single a/c Rp 100k Double a/c Rp 150k Poppies Lane 1. Phone 754944
-La Walon Bungalows 1, Single fan Rp 130.000 Double fan Rp 160.000 Single a/c Rp 160.000 Double a/c Rp 225.000 Poppies Lane 757234
-Kedin’s Inn : Single fan Rp 60.000 Double Rp 70.000 Triple Rp 90.000 Poppies Lane 1 : 756771

Other choices are:

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